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Affiliate Marketing Secrets by IncomGuru

Affiliate Marketing Secrets

Affiliate Marketing is about finding products and services that you feel comfortable marketing, have a pay out that you are happy with, and that people may have an interest in buying.

Today we want to talk about the technical part of marketing. The domains you need to market your products and services are what causes people to NOT want to get involved with this type of business.

First, let me say that this can be a huge source of income for anyone that gets involved. Okay, maybe the biggest source of income if it’s done correctly. This method of making money can reveal real estate as far as the possible income to be made (if done right).

In the past, we were told that for every affiliate marketing campaign (product or service) you want to market you need a domain name for them. It’s true today as well. However, if you stop and think a little bit about what your focus will be on, what products you want to market, you could just cut a large portion of expenses coming out of your wallet.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is about thinking smarter than most people!

What market do you want to focus on? It’s stupid and a waste of your time to jump all over the place trying to market anything and everything under the sun. So, pick a market that best works for you. There are hundreds of markets out there and hundreds of thousands of people for every market. So, what are you interested in? Money, sales, marketing, food, healthy food, baking, sewing, fire, bedding, what piques your interest?

  • Pick a domain name that resonates with the market you intend to focus on. Make it an open domain name not very focused.

Example: Your focus is “bedding” and you plan to become an affiliate for every thing that has anything to do with bedding. You might want to look at a domain name like – Softlinens or flow soft, and always without exception only use “.com” extensions.

  • Why domains such as these and not SynergyBedding, soft bedding or upright-bedding? Well, it has everything to do with your marketing cost and smart use of domains names. If you use the right kind of domain name you can market anything in the bedding industry because you can use sub-domains instead of buying a domain for every product.

Example: Your focus is bedding. Your domain name you purchased is “eversoft.com”. You are an affiliate for a company that makes sheets, a company that makes pillows, and a box spring company. In the past, you would need three different domain names. But because you thought about what field you were going to focus on you picked a domain name that allows you to use it for anything in the industry and all sub-domain names are FREE. So, you don’t buy any more domain names. You simply use your sub-domains.



“softsheets.eversoft.com”, “mypillow.eversoft.com”, “boxsprings.eversoft.com”

and it did not cost you a dime. You’ll be able to move faster, smarter, and without paying any more money out of your pockets.

Use subdomains for all your marketing needs!

Can you see how just thinking a little bit can save you a ton of money? Create the subdomain and redirect that domain name to your affiliate link. Done!

Live examples can be found on our “Campaign Page“.

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