Amazon FBA

There is a lot to understand when it comes to Amazon FBA. These are good starter courses but you should continue your education on this topic. I have been selling on Amazon for two years and there is still stuff I don’t know or understand. So, needless to say, you can sell on Amazon without knowing their system totally.

Turn Your Speakers Up.

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FBA = Fulfillment By Amazon


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There are restricted products that can’t be sold on Amazon.

You need to know which categories are restricted on Amazon.

It means that you will need approval from them to sell certain products.


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Pro Merchiant Account: $40 a month, you’ll have a wider selection of catagories you may sell in and you can sell as much as you in your inventory.

Individual Account: FREE but you are limited to the number of categories you may sell on and you are limited to only 40 items a month.



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Scanning Apps:

Go to Google Store and search for “Amazon Seller” App, or the Amazon Mobial App and Profit Bandit App.

I have used them all and sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t. With that being said, if you know your products and find what you think is a good deal in your travels you’ll need one of these apps to tell you what the item is being sold for on Amazon. This way you can know if you have a good deal or not before you buy the item.

Tools you’ll need to be able to sell on Amazon. Online Store Supply List & Cost.  Max send me that big kit Please. I want to get started right away.