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Big Box School Supplies

Big Box School Supplies

I hate to say it but it’s back to school time … well, it’s time for mom and dad to start thinking about it again. I know, I know … they just got out of school. But believe it or not some states are getting ready to go back while others are only midway through there summer.

Going back to school means that parents have to come up with money for all the wonderful things each child needs. Some parents don’t have that ability to afford all the things their children needs.

So I decided to find a way to help people at the best price I could find.

 So, I found a way for a parent who has the ability to get the products for their own children and be able to help others as well.

Big Box™ Pre-Filled 17″ Backpack Kit

This is my Big Box Backpack Kit. It has everything most children will need in school and it comes with a backpack. It’s a big box because you are going to get 12 backpacks and all the backpacks will have all the school supplies.

This way every child will have all the school supplies they need. Each case carries 12 backpacks and school supplies.

I know that there are some private schools that could use this offer. Please pass this along to those whom you know have connections to school-aged children that are in need.

If you wish to donate your purchase, may I suggest you find the address of the local family shelter near you and send or take the big box to them? They will truly appreciate it! Also, remember this could be a good tax write off.

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