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Bitcoin: The Beginning, Tutorials, The Need

Bitcoin: The Beginning, Tutorials, The Need

In The Beginning: 

Bitcoin has become the talk of the town and still many people don’t have a clue about it. Millions of dollars are being made right now and still, only a few people understand what it is and even fewer understand how to get involved.

This is the opportunity that many wish they had available to them when the computers first came out!

Bitcoin Tutorials:

We have decided to help you become fluent in your understanding of what Bitcoin is so that you can make some serious money as a consultant. We are giving you everything you need to know about the Bitcoin industry in 12 easy tutorials.

 1   — Intro to Crypto and Cryptocurrencies
2   — How Bitcoin Achieves Decentralization
3   — Mechanics of Bitcoin
4   — How to Store and Use Bitcoins
5   — Bitcoin Mining
6   — Bitcoin and anonymity
7   — Community, Politics, and Regulation
8   — Alternative Mining Puzzles
9   — Bitcoin as a Platform
10 — Altcoins and the Cryptocurrency Ecosystem
11 — The Future of Bitcoin?
12 — The History of Cryptocurrencies [Bonus lecture]

Note: You DO NOT have to become an investor to make money with this venture … it would help with your credibility to become an investor at any level so you can say – “Yes, I am also an investor”. It helps people to become comfortable when they know you have some skin in the game.

The Need:

Cryptocurrencies are systems that WILL change the way we do business. As time goes on you’ll hear more and more about Cryptocurrencies. The question for each and every one of us is: “will we be left behind or will we become a part of the system and learn how to make this new money.

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