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Making changes to your life in 2019 starts with your wishes, dreams and how they affect your thinking.

You Need A Foundation

Building A Solid Foundation Series In the next few days and weeks to come there will be a lot of positively worded post made by many about your future (you know...God's Going To Do Something Great In Your Life In 2019 kind of stuff).


DO YOU HAVE A BUSINESS? Having trouble getting the word out? Can't pay someone to do it? But you still want to reach the masses?...

Marketing for Every Knowledge and Skill Level [Video]

Welcome to "Marketing Guru Academy" where you’ll learn effective online marketing for every knowledge and skill level. From the beginner to the more experienced internet marketer there is one thing that everyone needs to master if they are to truly make money online … and that is "Marketing".

We are all self-employed

We are all self-employed; even as employees of a firm, we are still primarily personal career managers.

I Am All About Business

I Am All About Business All of us have different talents = they are meant to help us grow as a human being. All of us have skills that we have developed = those are meant to aid us in our development and help us through our daily lives. All of us are given gifts = those are designed for each of us to apply them in our lives to help better other people's lives.

When Is The Best Time To Incorporate

If you're a sole proprietor, perhaps you've considered incorporating your small business or self-employment activity. And so maybe you've been wondering, "When is the best time to incorporate?" From a legal standpoint, any time is the best time. The sooner you incorporate, the sooner you make the move from the world of unlimited liability to the world of limited liability. From a tax savings standpoint, any time is the best time. The sooner you incorporate, the sooner...

Generate Repeat Sales

Do you want to know what it takes to successfully market a web site and generate repeat sales? There are a few ingredients needed for you to be able to market your stuff and generate repeat sales. Do you know what those ingredients are?


There are many of us out there who are trying to fake it until they make it. Hoping and praying that something - anything will break for them.