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Making Sure Your Business is Scalable

Making Sure Your Business is Scalable

Making sure your business is scalable before you even start the business is important,  because if your business is not scalable – you have a job.

First terms:

Scalable: in street terms, it means “Level Up”. It means you can grow your business from what it looks like today to a massive size tomorrow. It means that the income you see possible today can be increased by $40%, 50%, 70% tomorrow.

It is hard for some people to see past today! You see this with franchise owners all the time. They see themselves working in the franchise they have brought and leaving it for their children to take over. Their income is limited to the amount of money the franchise can bring in that year and that’s it.

Business: Having a business today is not the same as it was yesterday. Yesterday it meant you had a brick & mortar location. Today we can own some vertical businesses and have a physical mailing address. This is a wonderful thing as we can now have either or both if we wish. Having options is a good thing.

How to make sure your business is scalable? I follow one rule of thumb when it comes to this question. You may disagree but I have not found one exception yet. So here is my guide line:

If you don’t own it, it can’t be scaled

If you are working for someone whether online or in a physical building you are limited to what they say and what they want. You can’t build upon your vision of what it will take to make more money.

Examples: Online businesses are great but you are working for someone else. Even if you are writing for different articles, blogs or whatever. You are solely dependent on them accepting your work to get paid. You can only write but so many articles, blogs, and newsletters. You can’t hire someone else to help you because it is your knowledge and information that people want to read about. It’s your insights they rely on.

However: If you were the owner of a writing company where you could hire people to write for different outlets, well now we have something to talk about. You could open another location with a different focus and repeat the process over and over. Now that’s a scaled business!

 If you don’t own it, it can’t be scaled

Yep, if you are not the one in control – you can’t make it grow! Make sure you can scale your business before you even start your business.

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