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Make Money from Home: With An “Online Store”

Anyone can make money from home: with an online store! It's not hard and it doesn't take a lot of time to get things going. In fact, I would say that everyone should have an online store. Because it is one of the simplest things to do.

Dynamic Viral Video FX Editing Software

"Viral Video FX" is a brand new software that automatically imports viral video clips by you selecting a video from either your PC or Facebook URL, YouTube URL, it also creates a viral compilation video using those trending viral clips this will save you a lot of time!

Start, Launch & Grow a Digital Business With The Lurn Summit

Well, the perfect time has come now. At Lurn, we've made it our mission and purpose to become a Transformational HOME For Entrepreneurs. Well, we knew the first step was to set-up a Virtual Training Ground where everyone and anyone, from all over the world, could join us...

Work From Home Job Mentality Is Dangerous

As much as we preach to people that having a work from home job mentality is dangerous and will not get you anywhere close to your financial freedom we still have folks that want to seriously take on a job. You see we've been indoctrinated to think and believe that employment is safer and more secure than working for yourself.


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Should You Use A CASH ADVANCE To Start A Business

Some people think they should use a cash advance to start a business. It's sad to me that they don't understand that a cash advance will harm them. Using cash advances will harm their credit score if they don't pay them on time. 

Franchise Ownership Is It Right For You?

Franchise Ownership Is It Right For You? Many people in the 70's and 80's decided that they wanted to work for themselves so they brought a franchise. Even today you can see that there are many franchises showing up in neighborhoods all around the country...Read More