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FREE Real Estate Investing Software [Video]

Click Here to see to blog http://incomguru.com/free-real-estate…vesting-software/ ... Hey, I have an amazing resource to give you today: Your FREE real estate investing software. This is unlike anything you have seen and will totally take you're investing to a whole new level!

Private Money Structuring – How to Get Lenders to Chase You

Click here to see the post http://incomguru.com/private-money-st…ers-to-chase-you/ ... My friend, Daniil, who is a full-time real estate investor just recorded a 40+ minute all-content video called: "Private Money Structuring – How to Get Lenders to Chase You".

Real Estate Investing App

A friend of mine recently released an app that you can take in the field with you and: Instantly calculate offers on any deal Create marketing flyers on the go and post them to social media Create a quick funding-pitch for your lenders on the fly Calculate your exact profit on any deal right on the spot

Free Real Estate Investors Software

As I was getting ready to review another house and its owner I decided to share one of the most powerful products I have when dealing with Real Estate and trying to find funding.

Introduction to Real Estate Investment Deal Analysis

Have you ever wondered what a Pro-Forma or a Cap Rate is? Are you trying to figure out what NOI means? Do you want to know how to calculate the various types of ROI, like Cash-on-Cash Return and Total Return? While I love answering questions, I figured it would be easier to document the basic financial analysis process in one place, so that in the future, I can just refer readers here when they have basic questions. Below is a primer that I put together a couple years ago while I was learning the process of financial analysis; while this should by no means be considered a comprehensive review of the subject, it should serve as a good introduction for most readers. So, without further ado, let’s jump in…

Foreclosure Millionaire

If homeowners fall in arrears on mortgage payments, a foreclosure might happen. A foreclosure is a procedure in which a lending institution takes back or...

Sell Real Estate

Be on the lookout for re-negotiated real estate deals, what Tyler calls the “real estate workouts”. These are deals where lenders, so as not to...

Real Estate Investment Secrets

First, you will need to determine what your strategy will be in real estate investing. Do you want to buy a property, fix it up...

How to Make Your Home Sell

In order to revive the nearly unprofitable real estate market, it is important that more and more homes are staged. This is a simple concept...