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Clean Your House Make Extra Money


Clean your house make extra money is what we suggest. If you have been living in your place for a year or so you have some things that are in good shape that you no longer use. I know I did!

Clean your house make extra money

So here is what we call some ‘rules of thumb’ when seeking to get rid of all your stuff and make some extra money.

  • We are about making extra cash so the first rule is – NO DONATING
  • The next rule is – Yard Sale First (the idea is that you don’t have to spend any energy or gas to make money
  • The third rule is –  Junk goes into the garbage
  • The fourth rule is – What does not sell at the yard sale is what we sell online.

It’s time to let them go!

Selling your old stuff keeps getting easier. Craigslist, Letgo, OfferUp, and many other online websites that are mostly FREE to use remains a major online marketplace for these types of things.

Depending on how much stuff you have and the value you could make $250 or more in one day!

Let’s not forget Yard Sales for those of us who may like the personal touch.

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