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Consignment Store for Extra Money

After you clean your house and sell what you can look at what you have left and see if you have stuff worth bring to a consignment store for extra money. We know that this sounds a little like we are being to nit-picking, but if you need money, it’s NOT the time to be giving things away and that includes donating stuff. That’s right if the clothing you own is in good shape don’t toss them out or give them away, sell them!

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Have you heard of Tradesy (for Women’s designer goods) or The RealReal (men’s and women’s luxury clothing and jewelry)? They do all the selling and you get to collect the check.

You can also try typing in “consignments stores” in your browsers to see what’s near you. Try it with some of the nice things you have that you don’t want anymore.

You could make over $600 a month by clearing out your nice old stuff, even toys.


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