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Entrepreneurs Think Outside the Box

Entrepreneurs think outside the box!

The more you think outside the box the more successful you’ll be.

It’s a fact of life!

The problem with most people is that they tend to think inside their box. They follow all the rules and wonder why they can’t move forward in life.

thinking outside the box

I have a saying, “I have been thinking outside my box for so long, I have lost it. I don’t even remember what my box looks like anymore.”

You must break that hold your box has on you. It locks you in on all sides and stops your brain from seeing other possibilities, directions, and opportunities.

That box limits your ability to see what could possibility blindside you. It keeps you focused on the road in front of you. Suppose the road you are on is not a good road for you or not even the road you should be on?

We see this all the time. People who are growing up in hardship realize that the road they are on is not a good road for them. They need more! So, what do we see them do? They sell drugs to make a living. They break out of their box but in desperation, they turn to what they see around them as quick and easy money. However, with guidance when they first broke out of their box they could have been shown how to become a legit business person with legal products and made the same money. Then they go to prison, let out and told to get a job. They have broken out of the job box and are entrepreneurs now. Getting a job does not work for them anymore. We need to teach our fellow brothers and sisters how to become legitimate entrepreneurs.

Once a person has broken out of their box they seek freedom. They want the freedom of doing business their way. The freedom of meeting people that think like they do, want to have fun the way they like to have fun.

Yes, they need money, but more important to them is their freedom, the freedom to choose.

Entrepreneurs work hard hours. Sometimes those hours are long because they are setting things up. They do it when the rest of the world is not even awoken. They work hard, fast and very precise. They are more focused on what they do and very intentional in the things they do. Therefore, their results are better than the average persons.

These are skills that everyone who breaks out of their box must learn. The faster they learn these skills the sooner the money will start to roll in.

Yes, entrepreneurs think outside the box, outside the rules, outside of conventional thinking. That’s what makes them an asset or a detriment to society.

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