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IncomGuru’s Take on Event Tickets

Event Tickets

These dudes make money! Listen in every city in every state in the United States of America there are people selling event tickets and they are making a ton of money. Maybe you are into events. You know Concerts, sporting events, fighting matches, theater, dance, and the list go on and on.

Somebody always needs a ticket. You buy tickets for the music show coming to your town and word gets out that you have the hot seats.  You can advertise or you can let your friends do the vocal PR for you. Your phone will be ringing and cha-ching, you will be collecting green with no effort.

There are also lots of online opportunities to resell tickets. Some sites like StubHub.com are for buying and selling. Use your creativity and you will be making lots of cash in very little time.

Tickets reselling is legal in most places.

Don’t get into trouble if it’s not legal in your town! We have plenty of suggestions for you here on this website.

Event Tickets

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