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Franchise Ownership Is It Right For You?

Franchise Ownership Is It Right For You?

Franchise Ownership Is It Right For You? Many people in the 70’s and 80’s decided that they wanted to work for themselves so they brought a franchise. Even today you can see that there are many franchises showing up in neighborhoods all around the country.

It seems like it’s the way to go right? So many people are choosing the franchise ownership road to success, it has to be THE best way. It only makes sense, right? Well not always!

Franchise Ownership is not always a good thing. It appears that there is one issue that many people leave out when they consider a franchise ownership position. And I want to state that this is a personal observation and not generally noted.

Franchise Ownership

The question of whether owning a franchise is the right move for some people because of their goals and aspirations.


Let’s say you are someone who wishes to have more free time to spend with your family, or you want to travel, in essence, you are seeking to have more free time to do whatever you want.

Franchise ownership may not be the right path for you because franchise ownership requires that you be in attendance to make the business run. Unless you have enough money, skills, and knowledge to hire a manager from the start – you are stock at your “self-employed job”.

Another reason why you may not be the right kind of person to be in a franchise ownership position is you are not already an orderly person.


Let’s say you have a hard time keeping good records. I am that way! My wife has to always ask me how much money did I spend today? She wants the receipts and I NEVER get them. I don’t care about keeping records, but she does. In this case, she would do well as a franchise owner and I would not. Why?

Franchise Ownership requires that you keep extremely good records so that your business can run smoothly. Records of the money, times, weights, distance, staffing, are just a few records that need to be kept up to date in order for your business to run.

This is a clear case of, ‘if you don’t like the heat – stay out of the kitchen’.

The craziest thing I have seen from people who are trying to be in the franchise ownership business are people who have a clear destain for others. I mean it really shows in their personality, mannerisms, behavior, and speech.

Franchise Ownership


If you find it difficult to communicate with people during any part of the day if you catch an attitude when someone does you wrong if you don’t like to be challenged on your authority, if you can’t handle difficult situations then maybe the franchise ownership world is not for you.

However, if you think after you have read these short negative but true challenges this is an ideal situation for you then sign up for our, “Fire Your Boss” Section and get the rest of the information you’ll need to move forward.

Remember owning a franchise is not something you move up to. It’s a full-blown business in a box. You buy in and you are committed! So franchise’s that we will direct you to may not be expensive but they will take your time and knowledge for a while until you get it totally set up.


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