You see there is something called, "Business Lines of Credit" and it can change your business life totally. Business Lines of Credit is unlike your personal credit. This credit is solely dependent on your business. Now I know some of you are saying but Max, "I just started my business - who is going to lend me money?" That, I am telling you is your first mistake. You and your business are NOT the same. If your business has an EIN number - it is separate and different then you.

Your business is a separate entity then you. And because of that, it has its own credit score. You just need to learn how to build it up and gain access to it.

Here are some testimonials from people who have gained access to their business lines of credit.

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Included Services:

  • One-on-One Comprehensive Business Credit Consultation with a Fund & Grow credit expert. We will develop an individualized funding plan to maximize the credit building process.
  • $250k of Business Credit using 0% Credit Cards, with most clients achieving $50k-80k in the first month. Fund & Grow will continue to work with you to increase liquid credit reserves up to and over $250,000.
  • Get cash off your 0% Business Credit Card with little to no transfer fees. Our methods have shown to be the best and sometimes only way to get cash off a 0% purchase-only credit card (business or personal).
  • How to remove credit inquiries within 45 days. This service gives you an easy to follow step-by-step method essential to accessing ample funds via Business Credit Cards. Normally valued at $350 or more – free to F&G members.
  • Clients with poor credit are assisted with implementation strategies to remove derogatory credit items. We also provide referrals to a credit help company at discounted rates or for free in some cases, depending on the level of severity.

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