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Hair Care As A Home Based Business (part 1)

Hair Care As A Home Based Business

As many people may know the hair care industry for African American Hair Care for women is a big business in every category (weaving, extensions, and natural care). Just like it is for every other culture. It’s big business in every sense of the word, and if you are in the industry and did not plan to make a ton of money you made a big mistake!

If fact you can make half a million in one year if you like the industry, have the drive and the insight to build that kind of business. Let’s start from the beginning.

Grass Roots (pond intended)

Breaking into the industry is easy but you should decide what is your final goal first. If you are seeking to make a few hundred, a few thousand, or hundreds of thousands of dollars. The difference is in how you position yourself from the start. So, decide, please. To late I made the choice for you.

We are going for the big money!

Therefore, we must make some choices right away. The company name is important. It must sound like a big company, one that is international, exotic or sexy if possible, one-word name. Think of Avon, Best, Silk, and others, they all have a one-word name and so should you.

  1. Check to see if the company name is available to own at your local government business office.
  2. Check to see if the domain name is available
  3. Fiverr to get the logo done, and if you can’t do it yourself the website done as well. You’ll need to buy the domain name and hosting. They’ll do the rest.
  4. Choose your specialty (Natural, Weaves, and Extensions). To be honest, weaves and extensions make more money right now. The natural hair care look is second but more and more women are going natural as the awakening and social consciousness grow. To everyone’s surprise, it’s the weave wearing women that are moving away from that style.

Natural Hair Style


Once you have decided which industry you are going to become the leader in, now you need to purchase:

  1. All the products (soap, conditionings, detangles, and the like), you want a national brand.
  2. All the accessories (combs, brushes, picks, aprons and the like), you want to use national brands as much as possible.
  3. If you are dealing with extensions have the people buy their own hair and bring it to you. Because you are just starting out this is not an expense you should take on now.

Fiverr and get some flyers made telling people about your new business. Print them quickly & cheaply at OverNight Printing.

Now you need to prove to yourself that this is the right business for you. Work from home means just that. You have to have people come to your home and get their hair done by you. You have to find your clientele. Need help look at our “Online Marketing For Offline Businesses” eBooks.

Social Proof:

Social proof that you have picked the right business is when you get a phone call from someone and you have a hard time booking them because all of your slots are full. But you’ll need to advertise to make that happen. Advertise online for your local neighborhood here.

Financial Proof:

No matter what industry you pick your challenge will be in making a profit. You have to make a profit or you don’t have a business. How much you make per hour means little now.

Now you need to handle (Income vs Expenses)

You have to know how many people paying you how much will cover all of your cost. This is called Return On your Investment (ROI).


Income plus Assets:

How much money did you bring into your business this week? You are just starting so you should have only a savings account


Subtract Expenses & Liabilities:

Rent or Mortgage, Gas, Electric, Water, Tools & Products, Credit Cards you used for the business only.

The answer is what we call your monthly cash flow or your real pay check. This is your ROI.


Personal Note: Please, please save your money. If you are planning to go for the big money, you’ll need some seed money. Your savings should come in second right after you start using your personal line of credit. It’s going to be about making smart moves and no one will see you coming! Promise!

Once you have made $5000 in a month, it’s time for you to come back to move to our Building Your Business Section, where we’ll teach you how to scale your business to $10,000+ a month. FOR REAL!

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