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Home Child Care Like A Boss!

You see home child care is a wonderful thing and well needed in every community. When you don’t have a job or can’t get one there is an opportunity in every community in America that needs to be filled. Especially in the poorer neighborhoods.

We need good reliable people to take care of our children. Sadly, we just simply don’t have enough good people willing to do the job. I believe it is because they are simply thinking of the old way of babysitting. Let me introduce you to babysitting on steroids. Child Care like a boss! Level up is what this website is all about.

Child Care 101 (hundreds of dollars month)

The hardest thing for working parents to find is good child care. They need someone reliable, trustworthy and caring. Maybe you are able to stay home with your own little ones. Taking care of someone else children only makes sense. Maybe you are retired and enjoy babies or toddlers. You can start a home day care. This does require that you get finger-printed, Licensed by the state you live in and the price differs from state to state. You may also be subjected to a drug test. You’ll also have to get insurance before you open your doors. But in the end, you’ll have a real child care business.

Child Care 201 (hundreds of dollars month)

A great opportunity is also before school and after school care. The school hours do not match up with work hours of most parents and the care provided by the schools is usually sitting in a room with no activity. If you have the time this is a cool way to bring in some extra money. Because you are not running a daycare out of your home you may be able to get away with not getting licensed. But you may want to for insurance reasons. Having school age children before school begins and after school is over for a few hours can bring you in some really good income.

Child Care 301 ( a thousand dollar a month)

Being certified and Licensed to run a day care in your home can be very lucrative if you have just a little insight. Having children during the school year is good business, but what do you do during the summer months? Maybe you want to offer “day camps” in the summer with crafts and activities. The options are as wide as your creativity.

Child Care 401 (thousands of dollars in two months)

During the summer months: Rent a 15 passenger van (hope you can drive it yourself). Start a day camp for the age group you like to deal with and only do trips and reports or trips and arts and crafts. Price everything out before the summer starts and have the applications and all the information ready three months before the end of school. You’ll fill the 14 seats in the van every single trip.

Think about it! Let’s say you find 40 places to go during the summer in your state that are all day trips. Leave by 8 am and return at 6 pm. 40 trips, that is 5 days a week (you are off the weekends). Summer is only two months long for the kids. That is 40 working days for the adults. Charge every child say $50 per trip (remember you only have 14 seats a day). $50 X 14 kids = $700 a day take away gas and food and entry to whatever place you go you should clear between $300 to $500 every trip. Just $300 times the 40 trips = $12,000 in two months.

Not every parent can afford to send their child on every trip. That’s why you send out the forms three months ahead of time. You’ll get every single trip filled before school is ended for the summer and you’ll have all of your down payments in as well. You could even rent the van out for the entire summer and use it for your family on the weekends and still have plenty of money to put into the bank.


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