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Welcome to Home Study Course for Embarrassing Niches. This is the money maker course.

Pay close attention and turn up your speakers.

Having the right product matters if you want to make money online and this is your eye-opener.

This is where the money is!

Video #1: Intro

The more embarrassing the problem …the more money you’ll make!


Video #2:




Video #3


Like “man boobs” not good.

“How to get rid of” whatever … much better.


Video #4

Start a blog … Use a free website builder if you can

Write some post about your topic. A good syatem is two post with know affiliate links in it and the third post you can have links in it.

So, your system is 2/1. Two know links/one with links another two with know links, the next one with links.

As I promised simple, quick and to the point. pick a market, find your product and start a blog.

My market is Startup Entrepreneurs, I have a more advanced website than most people but I offer everything that has to do with starting an online business, and you are reading my blog.

If I were to follow this direction I would pick only one product and write about four to six

blog post with no more then 300 words each post on the topic with two affiliate links and

then market the website. That’s what you should do!