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IncomGuru’s Distributors Secrets Leaked

IncomGuru’s Distributors Secrets Leaked will focus on marketing strategies that are the really old school strategies that work in today’s market. Your marketing strategies are up to you, but I wanted to give you my $.02 worth.

Most people think they are wholesalers and they are not. They make it hard for the average person like you and me to do business. But there is a way for you to stand out. I want to give you some real tips to do just that.

Tip: Design your card through Fiverr. Just tell them what to put on the card. Cost $5. Take your designed card and download it to Overnight print: Now don’t put crazy stuff on it. You need your company name (example: Vangard Distributions LLC) use the word “distributions”. It tells the store owner that ‘you can get certain stuff for them’. People who use “wholesalers” get found out real fast that they are NOT real wholesalers because the store owners call them and said I want 10,000 pieces of something and they can’t deliver it. A distributor does not get those calls.

Distributor vs Wholesaler: A Wholesaler is able to buy many products in bulk. It is also why they get the best deals from the manufacturer. So if you have an extra $500K to $30M laying around don’t use this word. Distributors, on the other hand, buy from wholesalers. They normally purchase only what they need at the time. This means you only order what your customers want.

On business cards: Put your real name, business mailing address (not your home address) is always best. You can even state on the card “mailing address”, business & personal phone, website (yes you need one), email (this is a must), Company logo should be the only picture on the card. That’s it, nothing else, no slogans.

Reasoning: As a “Distributor” you are interested in doing business transactions and nothing else. Your card would look different if you were in say an MLM or Real Estate.

Tip: Did you know that the MOM & POP stores are still around and are even growing right now as Amazon has killed the big box stores? Every year the big box stores close more and more stores around the world. If you start now and build your customer base you will be a well-established vendor as more of the MOM & POP stores open back up in the local neighborhoods. Do 90% of your business with the MOM & POP store! Why? Because they have to get their products from somewhere. Most of them use Amazon to stock their stores or they go to the big box stores. Can you compete with them? YES, you can. You provide them with personal service, you deliver (which means they don’t have to close their store to get products), you deal with the returns (if any), and they will love the fact that you can move fast.

Tip: You need a catalog of what you sell. How to make one. “CUT & PASTE” baby that’s how.

Once you have your wholesalers established. Keep track of what they offer and catch the new stuff as they come out. Now you have to learn how to cut and paste. Use Publisher for windows. Don’t know what it is on Mac. Cut and paste the entire information about the product. Change the prices to reflect your mark up and there you go, page one of your catalog is done.

But because you are just starting out you may only have one product you are marketing right now. So, print that one page about ten times. Make sure your contact information is on the paper and leave it with the owners.

Distributors making deals

Distributors Level up:

Once you get more products and you have a relationship with the store owners you will not have to go to their store to pitch them on each product. Get their email address and send out an email blast once a week with new products you are offering. Allow them to call in their orders to you and leave their credit card information with your security. Hire a family member to be at the phones for you.

Tip: get a “Square” or “PayPal” card reader so you can take orders on the go.

Tip: Have your company buy a Van. Not a car. A Van and remove the seats so you can deliver your products better. You’ll pay more for insurance but distributors use the vehicle as a tax write off anyway.

Tip: Overnight Print again and buy two magnetic signs to put on your van.

Tip: Be vigilant when you walk into a store. Remember you are a distributor and that means, “distributors can get anything”. So, look at what’s going on in the store. Think about what you see. What’s missing? What do they need? Branded carry-out bags, store coupons, what do they need they you can look for and then offer it to them. BTW – branded carry-out bags is a gift to you. They all need them but don’t have a clue on how to get them. Check your wholesale list two companies offer that service. You’re welcomed!

Rule of thumb: 60/40. If something cost $100.00. Distributors get the $40.00 and the store owner gets the $60.00. Follow that rule and you’ll make good business friends and good customers for a long time.

In “Fire Your Boss” we’ll discuss the next level up and what distributors do to become a $10,000 a month plus business.

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