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Job Referral Can Help Make Extra Money

If you have a job you may have the ability to make a job referral. Recommending a job candidate to your employer could earn you a cash bonus if the person is hired.

Did you know that about two-thirds of the employers offer incentives to employees for referring a new hire- and the fees can top as much as $10,000 for management level?

Here is a template referral letter in case you need one:

Image result for job referral letter template

Remember just because you referred someone to your company and they happen to mess up after they got hired and later get fired, it is not a reflection on you. It is whoever a reflection on the person themselves.  Once they get hired their behavior is on them, not you!

Don’t get caught up in office gossip about referring someone!

Writing a job referral letter is letting management know that someone is looking for a job and you happen to know them. I have written 5 letters where people have gotten hired. I don’t care what anyone says to me, I quickly tell them that I have no knowledge and take no responsibility for their behavior in any way. I stand firm on, ‘that’s what the interview process is for’.


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