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Landscaping Business For Sale

Landscaping Business For Sale

Landscaping as we all know is a hands-on-business right? Or is it? You could make a ton of money being in the landscaping business if you start out correct.

I think that’s where most people mess-up in business. They don’t start out the right way and so it takes them longer to get to where they want to be.

“You have to start out your business with the end in mind”

Meaning: that at some point you will have to sell your business or pass it onto your relatives. Therefore you should set it up (day one) as though they were taking it over next week. They don’t know anything about your business so when they step into the role of ownership they need to be able to hit the ground running.

So set your business up right the first time. Run it as though you were making millions of dollars right away. Would you be down in the trenches working with your employees if you were making millions of dollars? Of course not! You would have to be in the office making sure things were working right and people with the skills are doing what you are paying them for. That’s how you start and build a really successful business!


For instance the “Landscaping business” that’s for sale. It offers you the perfect beginning because you can’t be everywhere and do all the work yourself. So, you are forced to start out correctly. Here are the short facts about the


Landscaping Business that’s for sale:

Current Value is: $174,000.00

A contract is set to be renewed in September that will bring the value up to $184,000.00

Most of the contracts are in the following areas- Paradise Valley, Gilbert, Chandler, and East Valley.
The owner wants to sell because they are moving to another state and starting a different business there.

They are asking for $160,000.00 or best offer.

Price Reduced to $110,000.00 as of 8/27/17

If you are interested email me
Buying a landscaping company can be a great source of income for you. You have to manage your workers and deal with your customers but that’s with every business. Landscaping business is a growing business because well everyone got a yard even if you live in the projects. The business is there for the taking.

Services you’ll need:

Financing click here

Legal Forms click here

Logo work click here

Print work click here

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