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Legally Accept Credit Cards

Square Card Reader

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Begin by determining what kind of payments they will accept and how to manage those payments. While cash is easy to manage, accepting card payments provides a convenient option for customers. And, in 2016, the value of credit-card transactions surpassed the value of cash transactions globally for the first time, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Processing Systems
Ensure that your processing systems are up to date with the Liability shift. The majority of consumers are using chips — 84 percent of credit card transactions processed on Square are chip cards.

Additional software may be needed to help readers run their business.  Having a POS that supports this software is ideal. Try and find a system and POS that will grow with you. Think about the software you'll need not only now but also in six months, a year or two years.

Merchant Provider 
When deciding on merchant services, readers should take into account a few more things: The cost of hardware, software, and integration, contract and fees, security, deposits, and ease of set-up.

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