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Make Money from Home: With An “Online Store”

Make Money from Home: With An “Online Store”

Anyone can make money from home: with an online store! It’s not hard and it doesn’t take a lot of time to get things going. In fact, I would say that everyone should have an online store. Because it is one of the simplest things to do.

There are three types of online stores.

Online Malls:

The first type is joining a mall type of store. Just like a brick and mortar mall, there are online malls that you can join. Some malls charge you on everything and others charge the vendor on sales. You should do your research and find out what the mall charges the vendors.

I have a store in an online mall called, Black Owned. It’s doing well and the mall does a lot of advertising to get customers.    online store

  • The best malls to me are those that allow you to join for free and only charge you a fee when you make a sale.

Some advantages of joining an online mall:

  • Joining an online mall gives you some credibility
  • When the owner markets their mall your store gets a little push as well.
  • You can market your own products even though your in a mall

Some of the more popular online Malls

online store

A Shopify Store:

I feel that this way is better than the above. The reason why is that the above malls can take your store offline at any time because you decide to market something they don’t like or they just don’t want you in their mall anymore.

online store

Doomsday Survival

However, this way you don’t have that problem. You can go to “Shopify” and build your own store. There is some small cost associated with this method. But it worth the cost. I personally have two stores on Shopify.

One store is for those who want to deal with survival and emergency supplies called, Doomsday Survival. In fact, I have been able to get sponsors for my Doomsday Survival store.

The other store is for plus size women called, Thick Queens Boutique. They are both really good stores and doing well.

So using Shopify is good and you’ll find that your store will look great. They have all the tools you’ll need and it is simple to use.



A Google Store:

The third way to have an online store is from google. Yep, that’s right Google! Well to be correct Blogger. If you have a Gmail account you can have an online store through Blogger.

I have a store on Blogger, called My Ganja Supplies. The store focuses on those who want the benefits of the CBD in the Marijuana Plant. You don’t have to be a webmaster to do this either. It’s mostly using your common sense to make Blog Store. Check it out and you’ll see what I mean.                                        My Ganja Supplies online store






Build your own website store

Now this by far is the best way because you have total control of your store. No one can tell you to do anything about your store. You see it’s all about the web hosting. Whoever owns to web hosting of the store is the boss of the store. That is something to remember. 

You can be in total control of your entire store by learning how to build your own store. You need the hosting company (critical to your success). The wrong one will cost you tons of money.

Then there is the program or Theme Type to run on your site. We suggest “WordPress” because it’s easy to understand and easy to find help when you need it. Most online stores run through a WordPress theme.

You’ll of cost need products to sell in your store.      income guru online store

You’ll have to learn how to build your theme out.

Understand plugins, Widgets, and Menus because these are the things that require most of your attention on daily bases.

I have a store by using the WordPress called, Income Guru. This store teaches anyone how to start their own business online. No matter what the business is we have what you need from blogs like this one to eBooks and experts to help you go further.

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