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Make Money Pet Sitting

Do you love being around dogs?

Do you love being around dogs and need extra money? Make money pet sitting! Most people who are animal lovers have a dog. Dogs are like people and require some interaction with their own kind every now and then. You could use this to your advantage and make some good money in your spare time.


Pet Sitting

Pet sitters are the most in-demand business around. House sitters are also in high demand. Why not combine them both? I was going to put house sitting into another posting but it will do fine here.

You could become a sitter or walker through Fetch, Pet Care or Rover, which can connect you with owners.

It’s amazing but even just starting out you could make $500 to $1000 a month!

Business Growth Tips:

  1. You should have a separate space in your home to run your business.
  2. A separate phone number (get an FREE Gmail email account and Google will give you an FREE phone number)
  3.  legal forms,
  4. A way to get paid (not cash),
  5.  business cards

There is a combination of businesses here that I want to mention. You have a house sitting business, pet sitting business and dog walking business. These are all separate businesses that if you are smart you can combine them all and really make some good money each month. The possibilities are endless with how to work these combinations and so is the income.

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