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Punch TV a Black Owned Media Company

Punch TV Studios @ $1 per share

Punch TV Studios @ $1 per share…Watch this, and consider supporting our own Black owned Media company. Progress is being made!!! So support this black own business thru your money, by investing in Punch TV Studios @ $1 per share.

Punch TV
Find out more about Punch TV @:
Empowering our communities thru empowering our businesses. Only S.E.C. Regulation A, Black IPO currently being offered! By investing in this company we are focusing on building economic wealth for our communities by investing in companies like Punch TV.
Punch TV Studios Company Eco-Systems
– Punch TV Company: www.PunchTVStudios.com
*) Syndication- The licensing of the right to broadcast televised programs.
*)Merchandising- The enterprise of promoting the sale of goods.
*)Production- The construction of Movies and Television Shows.
*)Licensing- The certification of major productions with the intent of being broadcast.
*)Broadcasting and Network- The distribution of televised content over a system of interconnected televised stations.
*)Music- The manufacturing of audibles.
( FB page: Punch TV Studios )
– Television Network: https://www.punchtvstudios.com/punch-tv-network/
( FB page: Punch TV Network )
– Social Network Platform: http://Nabukie.com
( FB page: Nabukie )
– News Division: http://HollywoodPunchReport.com/
( FB page: Hollywood Punch Report )
– Radio Network: http://blogtalkradio.com/punchtvstudios
( FB page: )
– Animation Division: http://PunchAnimation.com – coming soon
( FB page: Punch Animation )
Creating a media eco-system, Punch TV Studios will be a platform that will allow for the small/indie filmmaker or script writer, actor & actresses, music creator and producers the ability gain exposure to targeted media segment that has long since been undervalued, the urban community. and to help these content producers be able to tell their stories.
Do your Due diligence, and consider this investment. they have been verified as legit, and their blueprint/ prospectus can be found in their SEC filings.
Their shareholder meeting will be May 11-12th 2018. Give them time to take our investments in them and start to the bare foot. https://www.punchtvstudios.com/invest/shareholder-events/ After shareholder meeting, Punch TV will List its company on the Stock Exchange, those details will be revealed at the shareholders meeting.
Do a VIMEO platform search of “Joseph Collin”,
and you will find this concept attempted in 2009-2011. This will showcase the skill set of Mr.Collins and help you capture the vision of where Punch TV Studios can do today now that a crowd raising platform was put in place to invest in companies to help take them to the next level.


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