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Intro to getting traffic with REDDIT


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Reddit = 100,000+ different groups

Sub-Reddits = Any where from as little as 12 people in the group to thousands in the group. Find a sub-reddit you are interested in. It should have at lease a thousand active users in the group. Follow the conversation for a while before you add your two cents worth. Make sure thow to like and agree with people responses way before you ever speak out. You want to be apart of the group first. Make jokes or agree or lauth at something, and be engaging. Your business although you want to jump in and be known has to be very far from the reason why you are in the group. For this reason it is a slow process on this platform.

Becareful of what you post and how you post it. Because your post can be down voted and that will in time cause you problems on this platform.


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Reddit has a high appeal to men between 25 to 34 years old and men like short quick and to the point info, three short parragraphs at the most ladies. The best thing you could do is to get in and look around a lot. Check out what people are talking about and how they are answering each other. Take note of high ranking people and how they respond to a tread. How many responses do they have before they put a link to there page? Observe and repeat is the name of this game.


Video #5

Marketing on Reddit

Anything is good BUT it should be lower priced.

Post good, high quality, information that links back to your blog page. You might also not want any ads on your blogs. Remember the system of blog posting. Three to five postings that have no affiliate links in them and one that does. I use links in every third post on my blog. It seems to work okay.

If you only have a squeeze page and no blog, just post good high-quality responses to the treads and no links. After a bit, you’ll be asked if you have more information and then you can give your URL to your squeeze page. Remember it’s all strategy!

So if you find a subreddit with a few thousand active members in it and you join it. One day you’ll be asked to provide proof, show cause, more information, or some kind of way people will ask for your website or squeeze page. If a room has a few thousand active members you might get a few hundred people going to your page to check out what you have been saying. If your product is priced right it could lead to a few hundred purchases all at one time. That’s why it could be worth your while to stay active and engaged on this platform.