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Video #1

Intro to Review Blogs


Video #2

  • Best Niche = HEALTH
  • Really Good Niche = Make Money Online
  • Good Niche = Finaicial
  • Strong Niche = Relationships
  • Top Level Niche = Self Help


Video #3

Get A Domain Name

Get Hosting

Install A WordPress Theme


Video #4

Product Sourcing


Video #5

  • Write a review or video review the product
  • Include a call to action always


Video #6

FREE Traffic Methods

  • Google Alerts
  • Forums in your niche

Secret Stratigy:

Use “Hashtags”.

Example: #HealthReviews or #FinancialReviews or whatever your website name is, always use your hashtags in everyone of your reviews. You only need one hashtag that is special to you and your reviews. They will always lead people back to your page.


Video #7

Hot Trends

  • Twitter Trending Topics
  • Amazon Best Seller List