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Selling and Marketing on WeBuyBlack.com

How to make $10,000 a month on WeBuyBlack.

Everyone is looking to earn a substantial income in selling online but many do not know how. Now, before you doubt us, let’s just say that there are quite a few sellers that can attest to our method. In fact, as you are reading this, a seller is going viral and has already generated over $15,000 in sales in less than 48 hours and gained nearly 5,000 followers on Instagram, and reposted by a celebrity.

When if I told you that over 200,000 people are headed to WeBuyBlack this month and they are ready to spend big with their family? Here are a few tips that will only work on WeBuyBlack platform to help you earn the income you always wanted. If all

1. Have Quality Images: 

Believe it or not, some businesses are taking pictures of their products with low quality cameras and expecting someone to understand what they are selling. Like, “is that a shoe or a cat?”

To earn a spot on our homepage, images should have a professional white background. Please, do not use paper towels or white bedsheets…we can tell.

Easy To Sell

People wonder, “Nice shades, I wonder if they would look this good on me.” This image is clear, high quality, and properly displays the item being sold.


Hard To Sell

Stay away from images that are blurred, highly pixelated, has a frame, has wording, has logos, has a website on it, etc. Also, focus on the item. I’m not sure if i’m suppose to buy the shades or the jacket.

2. Describe your product…in detail: 

Many of us are not adding proper descriptions to our products. We are leaving our customers with too many questions and preventing them from buying our items.  They are wondering “Will this work? How big is this? Are there any side-effects? How long will this last? Is this handmade? etc.”

3. Let your family and friends know: 

Did you know that the more people that view your products, the higher your chances are at landing a sell? Not only that, ensure your family and friends rate your products. On WeBuyBlack, it’s impossible to rate a product if you have not purchased it…we can tell. So invite your family and friends daily to webuyblack.com. This language seems to work for others:

“Thank you all so much for supporting my store on WeBuyBlack. It’s a great feeling to know our dollars are finally circulating in our community. Click here to check out my store today: https://webuyblack.com/my-store-name “

4. Update your profile: 

Profile Image: If your profile does not have an image of the owner of your company, then your account will eventually be disabled. It’s required that all sellers add their profile image of themselves.  This increase sells as you help show your customers who you are. Click here to edit your image.

5. Advertise with us

So here is the idea, our homepage receives over 100,000 visitors a month and this is only growing. When viewers land on this page, they are instantly adding products to their carts and checking out.

Shops that you see who are making a lot of sales more than likely are advertising with us and have already followed the list above.

Every product is not guaranteed to do well or accepted to enter onto the homepage so first ensure your product fits our selection type.