Making Money With Snapchat


Video #1

Intro to SnapChat


Video #2

Snapchat is more powerful Twitter

Ages 13 to 24 are the main people on Snapchat


Video #3

  1. Create Contant a few times a day or at least daily
  2. Build An Audience
  3. Sell them stuff … things that would be interesting to the age group


Video #4

Make money on Snapchat:

  1. Sell products and services
  2. Offer expiring discounts
  3. Promote affiliate products
  4. Sponsored Deals
  5. Manage corporate snapchat accounts
  6. Selling Shoutouts


Video #5

Build your audience:

  • content is key
  • Promote your Snapchat account on all other platforms
  • Add everyone from your phone’s contact list
  • Post you Snapcode everywhere
  • Swap or pay for Shoutouts


Video #6


  • Fun stories
  • Inspirational stories with cliffhangers
  • Having a plot (Attractive women, cats and other animals have a large appeal)