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Let’s take eBay to the next level like a boss!


Let’s take eBay to the next level like a boss! Working from home simply means that you don’t have to punch a clock!

It does not mean that you don’t leave our home to get business done. You’ve got to get out into the world and see people and make things happen. But with that in mind – let’s say you are an eBay seller. You need something called, “inventory”. Inventory that moves is the only thing that can and will scale your business to the next level.

So where do you get your inventory from?

Well, the easy answer is anywhere and every where. But here is a real good solid place to get your inventory and I mean any kind of inventory. Because the more inventory you have the better and faster your bank account will grow.

Store or business closing

Don’t think small here. ANY type of business that is closing is good for you because anything can be for sale online.

Got a few dollars, you better walk in and see what you can get your hands on.

Storage facilities auctions:

Potential bidders wait in line to get a quick glimpse of a storage unit on the auction block before bidding on it during a storage locker auction at the Solano Storage Center in Fairfield Friday morning.

Let’s go another level up:

Rent out a store front and help other people sell their good as well on eBay or Amazon. Do it as a consignment or buy their product at wholesale prices and you sell it online for close to retail prices. You, of course, will sell to the general public (those wonderful walk in’s).

But just a small note:

Be aware that opening a store front is going backward if you have to be there and work the store. The goal is to have your time freedom. Opening a store requires that you be there to work the store. Think about it a little bit! Can you see how taking a vacation would be a problem and not being there would cost you money if you had a store front?

Store fronts with someone else as the manager is what we call freedom and smart!

A store front with you as the manager of the store is a job and that’s what we are trying to get away from!

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