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The Most Important Question In Your Life

The Most Important Question In Your Life should not come to you when you are so old that you can’t do anything about it. It has to be asked NOW. Because now is when you have the ability to change what you are doing so that you live a life free from stress when you are older.

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Getting older does not mean what it uses to just 40 years ago. As they say, “There may be some snow on the roof but there is plenty of fire in the oven”.

These days it is truly unclear what age is old. People are living longer. Feeling better at “retirement age” than ever before. They even work longer. Maybe a little bit slower but the work gets done and with quality at its highest.

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You ever wonder what you’ll be doing when you hit 65 or 70 years old? Those retirement ages? You should think about it and think hard about it because you are going to get there one day. And then the big question will arise in your mind…why did I choose this career? You can change your career focus now and start preparing for those older years now instead of later in life.

So many of us are living longer and in our right mind. So it brings up the question:

Can you do at 70 years old what you are doing now?

This is a question that seems to escape so many people. Yet it is a major question that needs to be answered at an early age so you can do something about it now.

It turns out that the question above may just be the most important question in your life. Who would have thought?

It is the reason why so many people invest into the stock market. But I am reaching out to those who don’t have the funds to make those kinds of investments. So what do you do? The suggestions we have come up with are the following:

  • Invest in penny stocks

  • Invest in passive Real Estate ventures 

  • Build your own passive income business(es)

Yep, that’s the entire list. There is really nothing more you can do to protect your self from being poor in your older years.

Note: If we find some other things that we could do now to help us in our golden years we will post updates!

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