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Time to Fire Your Boss – Hair Care as A Business

It’s time to fire your boss and build your Hair Care Business. Okay, you have proven that you really want to do this business so let’s get you set up to make up to $25,000 a month. Things move fast from here on. In fact, this is not for everyone who is in this business. You have to want to be wealthy and be willing to go after what you want. As your business coach, I can guide you but you’ll have to take the steps and risk all on your own. With that being said, “let’s move”.

Working from home is what you did in our last get together. You can continue that track and you’ll make some good money. But the idea of this website is to help you to “fire your boss”. You can’t do that making $1000 a week out of your home. It would cause many problems.

That’s why we have to move you out of your home and into a physical building. BUT! Remember if you are the one wearing all the hats of your business you are self-employed with a job and in this industry that’s not what’s conducive to firing your boss or you making $10,000 or more a month.

We want you to be in the B and/or I section.

In this blog:

Website maximization

business location

Your own products

And two managers

Funding for your business



Remember I told you to only use national products and tools. There was a reason for that and this is why. As a national brand name (that you own) I want you to find the manufacture of every product you use and ask them if for information on putting your brand on the products. Don’t be scared to do this. It’s done all the time by other smart business owners. It is called, “rebranding or Private Labeling” and it’s totally legal.


My name is Max. I found a great product on my trip to Antigua for natural hair for my daughter. It’s called, “Cantu” with Sea Butter. With a little research, you can find the manufacturer of the product. I know it was made in the USA so I can call them and ask about rebranding opportunities. If they say, no! Then I have the ingredients on the bottle. I could simply contact a hair care manufacturer (there are two) in the US. And have them make the same products for my MAX brand.


I could just contact the hair care manufacturers and ask them to make products for my brand. This is the best way to go because you can have your own products, with your brand on them, with your logo on them, and NO BODY can tell you what to do. Below are some of the manufacturing companies that will work with start ups.



When Pure Source was founded in 1995, it was founded with the objective of providingcustomers with the best service and the most options in manufacturing of hair care products. In developing our reputation for outstanding service and fair prices, Pure Source quickly became an industry leader.


Hair Care Manufacturing




Contract Manufacturing

BlueStone Formulations is a contract manufacturer of personal care products, body care, health and beauty, skin care, pet care and private label products. BlueStone Formulations directly sources and uses top quality, Certified Organic, Fair Trade, and environmentally friendly ingredients for production.

I want to stress again how powerful this is for your hair care business because you need to understand that I just gave you some really powerful information. Once you get your own brand of hair care products all set up you can attend hair care shows and blow all the other salons out of the water. You will be fully branded and ready for the stores, your company will be totally positioned for the big time. Your skills and the skills of your workers will be the only things holding you back.

Personal help and coaching are $80 per hour with a two-hour minimum.

Remember you need hair care products you use in your shop and hair care products you sell to your customers and on your website. Now you have your own brand of hair care products. Meaning you want large containers for the shop and small personal containers your clients can purchase from you.

Business Location(s):

You can’t work at home and grow your business to take care of you and your family. You need a location or two. Here is a mindset thing you’ll have to get over fast, like right now. YOU can NOT work a chair. It’s forbidden! Do you want to step into the big time? Give up your chair!

Understand that as long as you personally do hair care you have a job, and you’ll never get rich. Give up your chair and become wealthy! To make sure you give up your chair for good I am suggesting that you find and rent out TWO or THREE LOCATIONS. Why? Because by doing this you’ll be forced out of the S section and placed into the I section, where your Salons are an investment and they pay you weekly.

First go out and look at places to rent for your new beauty salons. Look at a lot of locations. Old solons that have closed, store front locations in strip malls, where ever you can house 8 chairs and have a waiting area. Sign a contract with two or three locations.

At the same time put an add on Craigslist for people with the hair care skills your shop will be focusing on. And, look at beauty schools in your area for new hair care talent.

Make sure you know what you are willing to charge for each chair a week.


The problem with many entrepreneurs is that they feel like they have to do everything. You don’t have to do everything. To combat that I want to suggest you open two locations at the same time. You can’t be at both places and that will help you to understand that you need a manager for both locations. This is how you get your money working for you!

Remember the two people you had working at your home doing hair for you in the last post? They could be your store managers.


So, two locations, two managers, and your own product lines. How on earth are you going to fund this?

Don’t stress my friend we got you covered.

FundandGrow is a company that will give you a line of credit from $50,000 to $250,000.00+ with a 12-month membership, 0% APR interest, and much more.

Why this type of financial support? It’s simple and brilliant if I say so myself. When you need the money most people go to a bank and apply for a loan. Stupid! Here is why. You have to pay closing cost every time you want a loan, you have to pay for points every time you request a loan, the bank may turn you down for reasons only they understand, and most important is that when you are paying the money back you are paying incredible interest rates and you are paying back why more than you took out. Instead, having a line of credit is so much more powerful. Once you have gotten approved for the amount of credit you need your good to go. It’s all done by credit cards. You use the cash the way you want and you use as much as you want or don’t want, you are borrowing from yourself and therefore you are paying yourself back. Your interest rates are normally low and when you finish paying the cards off you still have that same amount of credit available to you when you want it. You don’t have to go out looking for more money because it’s right there in your business cards.

I think that you’ll be able to do everything with this kind of money available to you.


As mentioned above you will be selling your own products on your website. It should have the ability to schedule appointments for your staff. Schedule speaking appearances for you and more. It is our suggestion that you go to Fiverr and find a web developer (WordPress) and have them hook you up.

Business Cards:

Once you have your new locations, the website is finished, your products are ready, then it’s time for business cards. Make sure your cards have your website, both business addresses, and phone numbers, and room for your staff to add their names.

You can get your business cards designed on Fiverr and printed and delivered to your door by Overnight Printing.

Well, that’s it. I wish you the best. I would like a testimonial and pictures once you get it all set up. Thanks for your time and trust.

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