Traffic Exchanges

Traffic Exchanges


Video #1

Intro to Traffic Exchanges

It’s FREE!!!


Video #2

Favorate Traffic Exchange = TrafficSwarm


It is a FREE source of traffic

You get to see other people’s websites

You can buy credits to have your site shown more often


It takes time every day to view others website


Have a VA vertial assistant do the viewing of others websites


Video #3

The reason for traffic exchanges:

Make money online and internet marketing niches

The right way:

  • Promote your lead pages or Squeeze Pages
  • Very trageted lead pages addressing making money online or getting traffic

The wrong way:

Promote an affiliate product or your own products


Five Top Tier Manual Exchanges

  1. Legacy Hits – This site has a relatively short timer, at only five seconds. To compensate, it has a credit earning ratio of .3, though it improves the more you surf in a session.
  2. EasyHits4U – Often considered one of the top manual traffic exchanges on the web, it suffers from that popularity in terms of a lack of exclusivity. It has a fifteen-second timer and a ratio of 1, hence the popularity. You can also use it for earning money rather than earning traffic.
  3. TezakTraffic – This exchange has an 8-second timer and a ratio of .4, but it specifically has tools for list building and offers cash commissions on referrals who upgrade to premium tier accounts. They also have a unique script, rather than running one of the copies that so many low-quality exchanges run.
  4. HitLink – This is the most contest-heavy exchange out there, and a lot of people love it for the sheer gambling potential. A four-second timer and a ratio of 1 give it popularity, and the weekly jackpots, money, and referral contests are all draws.
  5. Lords of Lothar – This is a unique exchange that actually runs an RPG around the traffic exchange. Their ratio is .5 and their timer is 8 seconds, but that’s not the main draw. The draw is the frankly addictive game wrapped around surfing and earning credits.