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You don’t have to be a teacher or have any kind of degree to be a tutor. You just need to know the subject you are going to tutor in and have the patience to help a student. Kids who need reading help struggle in all subjects and most parents are delighted to find a good tutor to help with reading skills.

Good tutors are always in demand. You can usually get clients by word of mouth, but to get started, you make a brochure for the local schools and advertise locally. Ask for referrals from teachers and other students that you tutor. Tutors often earn $25 to $50 an hour and even up to $100+ per hour if you can help with SAT’s and PSAT’s.

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If you get the testing schedule for your local high schools you could charge that $50 an hour to help the students pass the test. Get 4 students to tutor for 4 hours and you’ll have an extra $200 a week in your pocket. That’s $800 for the month!

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