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Twentieth Century vs Twenty First Century

Owning Your Own Online Business

To me, it’s a blessing to be able to help people. To offer them products and services that they don’t often have access to or teach them things they want to know about, to offer your expertise in a coaching forum on different subject matters is seen by many in today’s world as twenty-first-century social work.

Specific Needs

The difference as I see it is three-fold; the first is that you are able to help people who have very specific needs that they want to address. With the old way of providing information (before the internet) so would only be able to serve your own community and you the provider were limited to your knowledge and your ability to find or to know about other services other experts provided that were in your neighborhood or just outside your neighborhood or people who went to school with you. It was NOT a very good system but it was all we had back then and we did our best.

Your Reach

Today we have the internet and it has opened up the world to everyone. If you are seeking some information about anything at all it’s available to you if you know the right questions to ask. That’s why a home based business is so powerful. Working from home by owning your own online business also has another advantage to it.

Today as back in the old days you only make money from the number of people you were able to service. That is still true today, however, there is a tremendous difference.

Yesterday, we were able to reach at best about 50 people a week if we had groups sessions and that was only if you were able to make enough flyers and had them distributed in the neighborhoods surrounding your office. Today we can have a hundred plus people join our conference call at one time and service them all.

The Income

This leads me to the final blessing of owning your own online business. You can make a yearly salary in one day. Yep, you read it correctly. Thousands of people have been doing just that every day of the week. Just because of the internet. People are able to make $40,000, $80,000, and the most I have heard anyone making in one day was are you ready for this? I have a friend who has made over $1,000,000.00 in one day. just because he understood what his customers wanted and he provided the information.

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