How to get boatloads of traffic from Twitter

This is the first course for Twitter there will be more and I’ll attach it to this course so it will not cost more money. I’ll also notify everyone who has already paid for this course that there are updates. This part of the course is only about traffic. Next, I’ll deal with making money using Twitter.


Video #1

Intro to Twitter


Video #2

Important to get followers

  • Look for those who are in your niche
  • Look for friends
  • Look for businesses you like that are in your niche
  • Tweepi
  • Secret: God Please don’t tell anyone about this method. Just do it and keep it to yourself. Go to someone you are following (someone with a lot of followers in your niche I always go to the big guns pages). Look at one of their resent tweets that has a lot of ReTweets. Click on the word “ReTweets”. These are all the people that retweeted that tweet. Start following them. All of them! You can do up to 500 a day before Twetter freaks out. Many if not all of them will follow you back. Now you have people in your niche following you that are high quality and active on twetter


Video #3

  • Tweet often and often the same message (a little different) a few times a day.
  • Retweet your own tweet


Video #4

Use the hashtags

#IncomGuru and #Income Guru I always stick in my post. Why? Because you might want to find one of my tweets one day but not remember what it was or how to spell my name. But you might remember that I use #IncomGuru and that will bring up all my tweets and you’ll be able to find the one you were seeking.

I also use more popular hashtags in my post: #WorkFromHome which will do the same as above. The reason why I use all them in every post is that I post every other day. I will eventually overtake everyone else who uses the #workFromHome hashtag and when I do that hashtag will become seminomas with my #IncomGuru and #Income Guru. It’s all about strategy.

If you can come up with a unique hashtag that no one else is using, that would be good. Always attach it to your work. In time it will gain in popularity just because you are using it and when any of your tweets get retweeted it will follow your work and gain in even more popularity. Some day someone might see it and click on it and they’ll end up on your page because that hashtag only belongs to you. That’s the real power of hashtags!


Video #5

Ask people to take a call to action: ReTweet, Favor It, and Click Here are good to use


Video #6

Pay Twitter to promote your tweet