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Work From Home Job Mentality Is Dangerous

Work From Home Job Mentality Is Dangerous

As much as we preach to people that having a work from home job mentality is dangerous and will not get you anywhere close to your financial freedom we still have folks that want to seriously take on a job. You see we’ve been indoctrinated to think and believe that employment is safer and more secure than working for yourself.

In fact, people rely on the JOB to provide for them well into their senior years. Even though the proof is steering them in the face every time they go to their local grocery store or a local eatery they see the elderly person at the door welcoming them or behind the counter of the store.

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Why are these people there working at the store? Because, they, like you, right now thought that working a job would take care of them in their later years. Now it is their later years (70+ years old) and they are still working. The sad thing is that they are not paid top dollar or even what their experience is worth. They are paid minimum wage and they work long hours.

You see even with a retirement plan (which most of them have, and it is something that you’ll never be given the option to have) they don’t have enough money to live off of. They have to work to survive! Don’t believe me? Make friends with any senior you see working today and ask them, “why they are still working”?

They’ll tell you that, “they have a pension but they want to stay active and be around people so they decided to get a job at the local store”. That’s code for, “I don’t have enough money to live off of so I needed to get another job”.

Why are they NOT seeking a work from home job? The answer is sadder than you might think. Those who are elderly did not grow up with the internet and therefore don’t really understand it, they don’t trust it, they don’t really like it at all. Therefore they will not use it. I personally know many seniors who have never been on the internet and many who don’t understand what it is. Working from home requires that you have at least one of these two things going for you:

A work from home job requires that you have at least one of these two things going for you:

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A) That you have the energy, knowledge, and willpower to get up and go outside and talk to people about your business and make sales. This requires that you take to a lot of people just to get a sale or two.


B) That you understand the internet enough that you can make offers to the right people who want what you are offering so that you can make sales.

Elderly people have neither of the two skills available to them. Therefore, they have no choice but to seek a job in a local store. So if you are under the age of 65 years old – you need to think carefully about starting a work from home job or any other job for the matter.

Can you do what you are doing right now for a living at age 70?

You need to start a work from home business. One that you own and that can’t be taken away from you. One that you control and that all the money you make goes to your bank account.

This message was brought to you by someone who cares!
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