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Maxwell D. Toliver is a serial entrepreneur with a focus on four online industries. He generates content to increase awareness of services & products.

He is the Founder of Toliver Enterprises LLC, A small holding company in Phoenix, Arizona. The companies he oversees are as follows:

Toliver Publishing

Mr. Toliver is the author of several books and many eBooks. He self publishes all his books and they can be found on Amazon later in 2019.

Marketing Guru Academy

The academy is geared to help other entrepreneurs learn and understand different marketing techniques and how to market on different platforms.

Toliver TV Network

Mr. Toliver is the CEO of this On-Demand TV Network that publishes on Roku TV, Amazon Fire TV, and soon Apple TV as well as Live Streaming.

Toliver Business Coaching

Mr. Toliver has chosen the method of coaching other entrepreneurs to help them build their personal and business brands.

Mr. Toliver’s focus every day is on his clients, what they need, and what will bring them one more step closer to their overall goal of marketing their brand and expanding their reach.

Mr. Toliver’s mission is to teach other entrepreneurs how NOT to compete but to stand out!

His philosophy is that every entrepreneur needs to be an author, have an online school, and be seen both online and offline as the industry leader. Hence, the business models he has developed.

Mr. Toliver is a one-of-kind brand marketing agency if you are interested to work with an expert that can help you “stand out of the crowd” here is his contact information.

Phone: (480) 548-3897
Email: ToliverEnterprisellc@gmail.com

Marketing Guru Academy

Toliver TV Network

Toliver Business Coaching

Mr. Toliver not only utilizes many social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram, to help his clients gain more traffic and leads to their accounts or to their brands.

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Marketing Guru Academy By Coach Maxwell

Every Entrepreneur's Worst Nightmare

Gone: Customers, sales, profits. Following is a simple little tale about how it happens.

"Jones was a typical entrepreneur who worked long hours and wore many hats.

"The problem was that all the hats screamed for attention. Jones solved the problem by wearing the hat that screamed the loudest.

"Unfortunately, this was only a temporary solution since all the hats kept screaming until they were worn.

"There was, however, one hat that never screamed. It never complained, whined or whimpered, even though it was lonely. It knew it was important, whether or not it was worn. That hat was right.

"One day the customers quit coming. The other hats became quiet; they no longer were needed. It was then that Jones noticed the hat named Marketing and how little it had been worn.

"'Why didn't I wear the Marketing hat?' thought Jones.

"For one thing, Marketing hadn't screamed for attention like the other hats. The other reason was that Jones was afraid the Marketing hat was too expensive to wear and would drain profits.

"But now there were no profits; the customers were gone.

"Jones put on the Marketing hat. It was time to get the old customers back, and to get new customers, too. It was time to wear the Marketing hat regularly.

"Even the other hats perked up."

Never stop building your audience