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So I get this really long email from Karl Bryan of Six Figure Coaching (I recommend you join them even if you are not in the coaching business. Really good stuff they put out!) But anyway the email had in it some questions that made me think and I wanted to share just a part of the email with you all today.

It's about getting eyes on you. Making sure people know you are around and what you do. They ask a bunch of questions that if you were to answer them positively your business would always be growing. It is worthwhile saying that if you did this on a daily bases you would be very busy during your business hours.

Just one side note here... I have to sections of my day. The first is "promotions" which is what I do in the mornings. I don't deal with clients in the AM hours at all. Even my scheduling program does not start until 1 pm. I do this because I understand the power of promoting myself. So, That's what I do in the AM hours. The questions below for me anyway would be done in the AM hours and leaving the PM hours for actual client contact.

With that said here are the questions:

  1. Do you friend request / connect with a new small business owner on each of the primary social media platforms (FB, IG, LI) on a daily bases?
  2. Do you post something of value for business owners on FB, IG, LI daily?
  3. Did you call and give a business owner guidance over the phone yesterday?
  4. Did you call a potential JV and provide value yesterday?
  5. Did you comment on a business owners' post yesterday?
  6. Did you send a private message to a business owner yesterday?
  7. Did you offer to be a guest on a popular podcast yesterday and explain the value you'd bring to their audience (they don't want you on the podcast, they want the value you'll bring to their audience)?
  8. Did you LOOK / RESEARCH for a value that you can post to these folks yesterday?

You don't need to create it all yourself ... you can find it and just report on it.

If you were to do these simple steps daily your calendar would be filled with new clients real soon.

I hope this helps!

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