That's what you can say to your prospects and customers.

  • You'll gain instant authority over all of your peers
  • You'll gain more sales
  • More exposure
  • More traffic

After all only experts have their own show ... and a series, well, that must mean that you are the leader in your field.

It does not matter if you are trying to sell a book, your speaking business, a podcast, your master classes, or your YouTube channel. None of them come close to Television.

Just like Hulu and Netflix, I own a TV Network. I would love to do a documentary on you and your business or ministry. It does not matter if you are an Author of one book or many books, you sell stuff online only or you are a speaker, teacher, coach or whatever.

My staff and I can put you on TV. Even if you don't have a plan or understand how to do it, we do and we can get you on TV.

"Dreamakers Studio" CEO Mr. Yemi Ajilo

Not only will you be on TV, but we put you on platforms like Roku TV.

We can even put you on multiple platforms!

Right now I am offering you the opportunity to be on two platforms.

Roku TV and Amazon Fire TV

Connect TV

These numbers are important because On-Demand TV is global and reaches into countries where people have internet access but no computers. They only have a TV. So they are always looking for good content.

Current Broadcasting Major Countries

The United States, Argentina, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, France, Guatemala, Honduras, Irland, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, The United Kingdom, and the rest of the world.

But, there are many other platforms that I will be able to offer you soon and you can be on them all.

Can someone say syndication?

Can you see yourself on multiple platforms? There are almost 15 different platforms out there. Think about it! Your show on every single one of them.

TV Platforms

And, Yes, there is more ...

So, you are going to have an event? Why not have it live and on every platform?

This is the ultimate in marketing penetration to make your business a household name.

Current Shows on Amazon Fire TV:

Civil Rights Leaders From Around The World Part 1

Current Shows on Roku TV:

Civil Rights Leaders From Around The World

Watch it on your computer or on TV @


Watch it on your computer or on TV @

Watch it on your computer or on TV @

Watch it on your computer or on TV @

Watch it on your computer or on TV @

Watch it on your computer or on TV @


Events looking to get under contract

Indie Short Films

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Commercial Packages:

We build your commercial according to your budget. We have a full range on templates that solve all your needs.

We can come to you for totally original commercials if you wish.


****Please note: as demand grows higher so will the prices.

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