Indie Shorts

We are taking short films in the following genres:

Documentaries, Action, Horror, Love & Romance

What is a short film?

For us, this would be films that are 10 to 15 minutes long, including credits.

How long will you leave the film on your channel?

All films will stay on for 6 months.

What platforms will they appear on?

All films will appear on Amazon Fire TV and Roku TV. Under the title "Indie Shorts" and then under the genre.

How many films in each genre are you taking?

Right now we will take only 10 films for each genre.

Is there a cost to get my film on your network?

Yes! The cost is a $20 Monthly Maintenance Cost per film paid in advance. Totaling $120.

Will there be an intro added to my film?

Yes, there will be an up to 20-second intro added to your film that says:

"Toliver TV Network Originals"

How long is this offer good for?

The offer starts now and is good until all 10 slots are full for each genre or June 29th, 2019 at midnight.

What languages will you accept?

ALL! If your film is in another language and is subtitled in English it will be shown to the English speaking countries.

If your film is in another language and is NOT subtitled. It will be shown in the countries that understand that language only. You need to tell me what the language is. I only understand, speak and write English.

What are the steps to take to get my film on TV?

Step 1: Pay your "Maintainance Fee" of $120.

Step 2: Download, fill out and email back to me the Statement of Ownership and the Usage & Copy Right Form. Statement of Ownership

Step 3: Send me your film. I use "DropBox". Send me an email at and a copy of the signed forms, and I'll send you a DropBox connect link so you can share your film with me.

The logo at the top of the page is what you'll be looking for when the channel goes live.

I am proud to host your film. I know you'll be excited to see your work on TV.

I'll let you know when your film goes live.  Have your friends and family, and all your social media followers subscribe to the channel and watch your film and all the others that are on the channel.

We are happy to announce that we partnering with Mosaic Entertainment Group.

Their work will start to show up on Amazon Fire TV and on Roku TV platforms soon.


I will promote the channel to different countries both English speaking and non-English speaking.

That's about 170 million active viewers and growing.

Please don't be alarmed ... there is a strategy that I follow. I only publish 5 films for each genre at first and then a week later I publish the rest. I want to give people a reason to come back to the channel.